Circulation in the Body<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 446

Circulation in the Body
Amy Havens
Class 446

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Great class Amy! Great cues! Loved the standing work!
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Thank you Tamara....I appreciate your feedback!
GREAT! First time I tried standing work. I could really feel it.
Hi Eloise, thank you so much for taking class. Nice to hear you enjoyed standing work! :) Talk again soon!
Good class. I liked the visualizations. Question: during imprinting my back, am I supposed to let sunlight under my back or think about letting a mouse run under my back?
Hi Cali! Thanks for taking class with me! Regarding imprinting, the way I learned 'imprinting' was to lightly have the lumbar area meet the floor, but depending on your spine this may not be appropriate. I'd have to see what your spine's shape is before I'd really be able to answer that exactly. But imprinting is about making contact with the floor. The other idea you've mentioned is something else.....more of an optimal/neutral/natural spine where the lumbar lordosis should stay a lordosis (it's natural curve). But again, some spine's don't have much of a curve there and others have a large we'd really have to look at you in person. All the more reasons for you to come see us!!! :)

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