Mat Challenge<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 468

Mat Challenge
Kristi Cooper
Class 468

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Love the twist/bend and bicycle. Great rotations. I need to work on the rocking, can barely rock. Excellent cueing, as always. Thank you for a great class.
Elsabe D
Wao, amazing class. I have heaps to learn. Thank yoy for sharing your experience!
Colleen the secret to the rocking (trust me on this) is the hamstrings. You can't let them go when you are trying to lift your upper back. And Elsabe... me too! Let's keep practicing!
I really enjoy your style of teaching and energy!
Good workout! Killer for upper body.
Kirsty H
Inspired - thanks Kristi. PS: Meredith's focus at the beginning of the workout is super :)

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