Mat Exploration<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 14

Mat Exploration
Meredith Rogers
Class 14

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Thank you, Meredith! this was a great workout for the morning hours when I really DON'T like to move. I normally choose the advanced classes and do them in the afternoon between teaching clients to keep my energy up...but this was a great pace for waking up the body--even better than coffee!
Great to hear Erin! Good morning to you!
Bella D
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Thank you enjoyed that
Bella D thanks for going WAY back to this one.  It was one of the very first.
Mona H
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Keep coming back to this one. It just feels so good. You're right Erin M, it's better than coffee!
Mona H thank you so much for choosing the older classes.  As a heads up, they may be archived soon but you can save for yourself in your favorites if you feel like you would like to revisit.

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