Explore the Edges<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 482

Explore the Edges
Kristi Cooper
Class 482

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Enjoyed this at sunrise on a NJ beach this a.m.!! Amazing Kristi! My vacation needed this boost!
Love the image Joanne! Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your vacation knowing you can give yourself a boost at anytime.
Thank you ... love the warmup & cool down repetition. And the transition from OLR to can-can variation. Also the transition from DLK to tricep pushups to IT stretch. Thank you - learn something new with every session!
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Great class Kristi - I loved the standing work repetition, tempo changes and the smooth transitions!
Outstanding. Loved the different pacing and "out of the box" exercises!
Thanks for the comments! Come again!!
Thanks for the great class! I love your creativity and precision. I appreciate how you "explore the edges!!!"
This class was fantastic as usual!!!
bellissima!!wonderful class! you are fantastic Kristi.thank you!!!

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