Courtney Miller
Class 4264

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Courtney, you are such an incredible instructor! Great pace, attitude and energy. Oh and what a workout!!
So fun! Thank you for bringing new ideas and creativity to the challenge! Love your positive energy!
This is my second round on these series. I absolutely love them!
Courtney, you are an incredible instructor. I love your workouts! Thanks for contibuting this.
LOVE the creativity and flow! thank you so much Courtney!

What a creative, original, fun workout! Loved it!
Absolutely- the best Thank You Courtney! Feeling so lucky that I got to do this class with you from up here in Edmonton, Alberta. Just got home from an ugly day at the hospital with COVID patients and I feel completely different - so grateful for you today!!!
Great class!! Love the dynamic pace and the cueing. 
Loved the workout! Unfortunately my Pilates room is not big enough for me to put the box behind the reformer. I improvise the best I could.
Hi Courtney, where can I buy a band like yours? Thank you
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