Courtney Miller
Class 4264

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I am just loving these classes! Thank you for this series, Courtney! 
Loved the creativity of the class but as others said it is a little frustrating if you don't have the allegro machine that is being used
Great class! Thank you!
I can’t seem to find her playlists?
Simply loved it! Your creativity and flow in this practice was Dynamic! Thanks for sharing Courtney!
Wow!!!  What a great workout.  Pilates Anytime is the answer to my prayers.  Safe workouts in my home, guided by a fantastic instructor.  Thank you!!!
I am loving this series on the reformer! I too have an allegro 2 and I love to be able to take classes with instructors who are also working on an allegro too! I would love to see some classes incorporating the moveable foot bar please!
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Courtney, you are such an inspiration and I just love your classes. So creative, so dynamic and challenge me in so many different ways.  Thank you so much! xoxo
Sure loved this class!!! Thank you!! I would love a bunch more just like this!
Now THIS was an accelerated class! That was great!! Thanks! 
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