Workshop 509: Monica Wilson<br>Beginner Series Monica Wilson<br>Level 1<br>09/07/2011

Workshop 509: Monica Wilson
Beginner Series Monica Wilson
Level 1

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Hi Monica, I am new to pilates and I enjoyed your class, thank you
Monica Wilson
Fantastic! I'm sure the series will give you a strong foundation and then you'll feel like you can dive into all the classes. Have fun! Monica
Hi Monica. I am a new Pilates teacher and I am SO EXCITED I found these videos! I am only on the second video and I have learned so much. Thank you!
Hello again Monica. When doing single leg stretch, should the leg that I pull into my chest be in Pilates stance?
Monica Wilson
Hi Tracy! Glad to hear you're enjoying the classes:) To answer your question, the leg being pulled in, is not in Pilates stance. Because you are working from the buttocks and lengthening the thigh of the leg that is extended, it naturally falls into Pilates Stance. Hope that helps!
Wow, it is so hard not to tilt my pelvis forward when searching for that point of balance when rolling back up in any of the rolling exercises.
Here's a question. To start a roll, I tilt my pelvis back, correct? I find that that doesn't create enough momentum to really roll anywhere. So I am conflicted about maintaining the exact C-curve that I started with or adjusting my leg position so that there is actually something to drive me rolling backwards.

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