Upbeat and Creative Reformer<br>Diane D and Laura H<br>Class 5450

Upbeat and Creative Reformer
Diane D and Laura H
Class 5450

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Karlin A
Great class with classic exercises.  Loved the instruction and attention to detail.  A challenge at any level!
Thanks for the fun, sweaty class. I apppreciated the modification options.
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Loved this class and hope to see more from this great duo!
Katie M
loved the class and the team! great cues and a balanced workout!
Thanks again ladies!! Impeccable detail as always 🙏
Loved the mother daughter class! So fun to see families moving together. 
Wonderful class, beautiful collaboration thanks 
Love all Diane D. classes. Would love to see more 60 mins of advanced type classes from her or Laura. Those Elite athlete ones are amazing!

Ellie P
Please keep this a regular series. I love the mother daughter duo !! 
A good workout with a warm family feeling . 
Kate A
Amazing workout! I love the goalpost and cleopatra exercises. Duo workouts are my favorite on Pilates anytime- so a mom/daughter team really warmed my heart (I’m a mom with daughters)!
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