EXO Chair Coordination<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 5351

EXO Chair Coordination
Amy Havens
Class 5351

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Hello arms! Thank you Amy, this one packs a punch in 25 minutes
Heather M
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Such a great class! Perfect for those days you have a quick break and want a workout. Thank you!
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Lovely flow, especially like the tricep dips with leg lifts
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Thanks Amy!  this was JUST what I needed TODAY.  I didn't want to have to think and just wanted to be guided through the simplicity of movement.  Thanks again!

Pam K
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Thank you - Great class as always!
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Patti S Heather M Melissa W Heidi Coles Pam K Thanks for all your comments from class and very happy to hear you enjoyed it.  Thanks for moving along with me!
Sue S
I needed new chair footwork with weights and I hit a goldmine here. Thanks for the great format.

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