Daily Dose of Mobilization<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5433

Daily Dose of Mobilization
Sally Anderson
Class 5433

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This class was such a gift to me. I’m an author, not a Pilates instructor. I opened up my Pilates Anytime App after a day of writing. Every exercise you shared helped me recover from my day in my chair. Many thanks for this beautiful mobilization class, Sally.
Sally Anderson
Stacey S Thank you for such a wonderful message. I am delighted it works so well for you and humbled by such rewarding  feedback 😊 
Julie Lloyd
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I really enjoyed this! Thank you Sally x
Maja Lund
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Thank you again Sally! Such a wonderful and wise way to awaken, center and connect mind and body.

A couple of years back I started applying all-planes shoulder girdle, rib cage and spinal mobilisation into pretty much every warm up I teach before sessions of all levels. I first did this as a test after playing around with an old video of yours where you use a foam roller to mobilise SH girdle and rib cage. What I have consistently observed since then, is a much more readily available and fluid connection through deep stabilisers and diagonal lines. Clients simply look longer and more stable, and they handle load better throughout the class. It can be short and simple, but it seems to work. If you or anyone here has any nerdy rants or scientific sources to share on this topic then I would be incredibly grateful

Thank you for offering your years of experience and wisdom to us all, you are a gem to our amazing Pilates community
Sally Anderson
Maja Lund Thank you so much for your message. I am humbled by your lovely words and truly appreciate you having explored this type of approach with me. I definitely believe decompressing and preparing the body for load and complexity is of huge benefit and allows for much greater progression.   I probably have way too many nerdy resources than I should admit to ..I have integrated alot of them into the Reach Courses now so these might interest you ...  I'll search some articles out in coming weeks and pop on here as I locate them. Thank you again for such lovely feedback 🙏 😊 
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed the practice. I'm curious. Is the diamond shape of the hands helps spine extension? It's the first time I'm using this position while doing thoracic extension.
Sally Anderson
Lina S Hi Lina, the diamond shape naturally creates the position of the arms I want in the overhead position which allows focus on the activation of the back of the arms and energy through the entire limb/s. I like to use the arms overhead to decompress the torso and shoulders while Bridging. Nice question-thank you! And glad you enjoyed the class. 😊 
That was a lovely stretch, thank you!

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