Tactile Feedback Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 5478

Tactile Feedback Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 5478

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Gisela G
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Excellent class - effective and fun! Thank you Kristi! I always love your classes.
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Wow! I enjoyed this class very much! Thank you
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great class simple and fun! loved the last exercise will be doing that in my classes
Tanya P
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Thank you Kristi Cooper ! Happy New Year! :) 
Lynn C
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I absolutely love this series Kristi!
Paige B
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Love this class! The slow burn is where it's at! Your cueing makes all the difference!
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Fun class Kristi, thanks!
Amandah P
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Wow. Love this class, love this instructor. Thanks, Kristi!
Thank you everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed this class!  "Slow burn (get stuff done without being frantic)," "simple," and "fun" are all things I am focusing on this new year! Thanks for joining me in this class!  Happy New YearTanya P and to you all!
Gisela G Thank you for coming to class with me! 
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