Core Crusher<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 5553

Core Crusher
Carrie Pages
Class 5553

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Shelley H
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Wow wow wow!!!!Love this challenge))))
Shona Croft
How did you talk all the way through that KILLER workout Carrie? This is def one of my favourite ab workouts ever! THANKYOU ❤️
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Thank you Carrie for this new Challenge. After participating In the first class has me feeling elated and cooked! . I have enjoyed laughed and learned so much from all your previous classes and series. This is going to be a fantastic week. Again Thank You!
This was so fun! Thank you, Carrie. I really enjoyed the variations and will work to do it all without taking a break! 
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WOW.... Carrie..... Day 1 was fabulous......  THANK YOU!
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I love this workout, it is fun and contemporary but very rooted in the classical work! 
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Thanks so much, everyone!  I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the class!
Kimm H
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She moved from exercise to next a bit too fast. Also I really like the stretch with side overs and she skipped that entirely. I had to keep stopping the video,
Eric M
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Love this semi circle variation!!
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That actually was awesome 
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