Calm, Connected, Strong<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 5557

Calm, Connected, Strong
Carrie Pages
Class 5557

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Thanks so much!
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wonderful playlist. thank you. they were all very energizing and in flow
Shona Croft
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Best playlist ever. Xxxxxxx
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Wonderful Flow.  The knee stretch variations were a fave!  THANK YOU, Carrie!
Michael Mary S
Wow!  What a great challenge.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Loved it.
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Amazing workout series, love the technique  and stretching, thanks Carrie.
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Lovely class, really nice flow
Michele M
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I do feel amazing after taking all 5 of your classes!! This short yet sweet class  today felt yummy with the stretches and some awesome strength poses!!  Thank you Carrie!! Hope to see you again soon on PA!
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This was a fantastic class, thank you so much, Carrie!
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