Mat for Runners<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 560

Mat for Runners
Monica Wilson
Class 560

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Kirsty H
Brilliant! Well done Perry (and Monica as always). It would be great to see the progression......
Your first exercise and stretch helped me the most! I know they have just finished a wonderful workout with the roller on this pilates sight but would like more exercises learning how to stretching those tight muscles before and after along walk, run bike ride ect..
Great Idea
Question why did you turn out the feet (leg) when you did supine hamstring stretch?
Monica: This was right on. Challenged him but didn't "kill" him. And protected the neck. Well done.
Not a whole lot of mat work in this one. very deliberate.
I normally take longer, more challenging classes but chose this b/c I've been sick with a cold and needed to ease back into working out now that I'm feeling better. It was perfect for that reason. Plus it never hurts to go back to the basics. Thank you!
I love the way you think Colleen!
Monica Wilson
Hi everyone,
Very excited to read all of your comments. Kirsty, I would love to work with Perry again and keep progressing him further. Stay tuned! Kay, to answer your question about turning out the leg, the goal is to keep the hips even and straight across. When an athlete, or any stiff individual, attempts to stretch their leg towards them, they most commonly lift that hip significantly higher losing their Pilates Frame or Box. One then engages the hip flexors and quadriceps more and loses the stretch in the hamstrings and work in the hip muscles. In the video, it appears as if I really tweaked his leg but it should be just slightly turned out, as if the knee and toes are pointing towards the same shoulder and not towards his sternum. Hope that helps! Keep the comments and questions coming! Love, Monica
Monica. I had asked why you Turned Perry's leg out from your class 560, you were kind enough to answer and I would love to tell you that today I got to use that same stretch on one of my students, I got to see what you were talking about first hand.
Thank you it worked.
My only other question is that same student a male and has done other Pilates classes (not with me ,this was our first) but he complained about low back pain and not just in my class, but every time he has done Pilates.
Any thoughts? ( My first thought was tight hamstrings) what do you think.
Any thoughts would be great and I also know that this may take some time to figure out.
Thank you again

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