Mat Work S.O.S<br>Pat Guyton<br>Workshop 548

Mat Work S.O.S
Pat Guyton
Workshop 548

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Hello! Great workshop. Very helpfull even to work with theraband. A very good body mind experience!
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I would have liked to see a little more on the short 2 mins previews, eg maybe starting a few minutes in, it doesnt really give me enough of an idea of whats going to be contained in this.
Hi Heather ~ We understand hearing only the opening statements isn't that informative. Part of the reason we break it into chapters is so you can see different sections during the workshop. Did you look at the previews of chapter two and three?
Would this class work with the usual therabands? Sarah
Thanks Kristi
yes I have watched all 3, but they all feel like an introduction and no real feel for what is going to come and the overall content. is it possible to take a clip from a more carefully chosen part , that gives more of a sense of what its about? It sounds really good, but leaves it vague? thanks for your reply (ditto to Sarahs question)
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This workshop is phenomenal. I can't wait to get my strap!
Hi Annie and Rita,
I am glad that you enjoyed your workshop experience. What is amazing for me, is that I have the same "AH HA's" again and again. Our bodies really do need the PNF reminders or we begin to stop feeling and just doing.
Thoroughly and completely enjoyed your workshop.
I especially loved The Franklin Mantra about tension being the enemy of movement. It is something that I have found through my years of teaching that people get so tense trying to think of perfecting the movement, breathing, applying pilates principles etc that they are too stressed to even move. I now encourage just flowing movement with breath and maybe just one other focus (for the particular class) and have found it so much more effective in allowing people to evolve in their Pilates journey!
Your detail about the hip and people's misconceptions about where it actually is was great. It's always interesting teaching people how a smaller movement can be so much more effective than a larger inefficient one.
Thanks again!!
I was very motivated after watching workshop and look forward to seeing more in the future.
Melbourne Australia
Hello Sarah,
You are welcome! It is so very true that many movement teachers are concerned about perfection. If only the perfect performers could participate, then who would we teach? Joe wanted people to move for quality of life. Good functional movement is important and everyone can image this and work toward health. I am glad that you are finding your way of teaching and happy to help!
Waiting for an answer to my question a month ago, before I do the workshop. Can therabands be used in this workout? I can't find SOS in the UK. Sarah
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