Vertigo and hypostatic hypotension

I teach Mat Pilates in a commercial gym. It is an all level class. (We only have one class). There is a 65 yr old female who has vertigo, diabetes II, sciatica, chronic low back pain. Her sciatica, and low back pain has decreased greatly since coming to Pilates, however she er Vertigo and hypostatic hyptension has increased I modify for her and have her take breaks as needed. Her doctor was not very helpful. What exercises would be best for her?
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I am not an instructor, but I am an RN so I found this especially interesting. Orthostatic hypotension is exacerbated when the head is below the shoulders and then quickly rises up. The symptoms (dizziness, increased heart rate and sudden drop in BP, even fainting) are worse when rapidly rising from from a lying down position to standing (or even sitting upright for some). The nursing modification is to rise very slowing from lying to sitting, wait 30sec-2 min (wiggle toes, pump the feet), then stand, wait 30-60 sec, then move. The head needs to stay above the shoulders (chin tuck is ok) and postural changes are gradual. The other important intervention is to increase hydration- sometimes this fully alleviates orthostatic hypotension.
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Vertigo is exacerbated when the head is turned then rapidly returned to midline, especially when in transition from sitting to lying back down. There are medications to help control symptoms of this if it interferes w/daily activities. I hope you can use this information to better guide her through exercises, and that she can fully benefit from pilates!
Thank you Laurie Robinson. This is helpful as I have a client with Minieres Disease. Just curious the same would apply for her?
Thank you the clinical info was most helpful. I am closely monitoring her movements. Now if we could get her to manage her blood sugar level that would be great.
tengo alumnos que sufren de vertigo y necesito saber que ejercicios les pueden empeorar estos estados y cuales se los mejoran.

Hello, I have the same challenge, I'm in the process of getting over vertigo and reformer work is not so helpful right now because lying down is a problem still.. 

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