Advice on home studio

Hello! I am currently converting my 3-car garage into a pilates studio. I am purchasing 4 BB Allegro 2 Reformers and plan to hold small group classes as well as see private clients. I'd love some advice/insight from anyone who has done this? Most of my clients are used to taking pilates where they can have an unlimited monthly membership and take classes every day if they wanted to. I'm trying to figure out a way to structure classes/packages/pricing since I will be the only instructor at least starting out. Also, are there any other software programs that are good that don't come along with the high price of Mindbody? Thanks so much!
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I would check with your city laws to make sure you can run a business like this out of your house where clients are coming.  Or make sure you have good relationships with your neighbors and they do not complain about cars coming and going.
I checked with my city and my HOA and I am good to go. I only have 1 neighbor and a bunch of open lots that have yet to be sold so as of now, I am okay :)

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