Old Fat Lady Pilates

I’d like to see suggestions on modifications for people who don’t have the same body as a Pilates instructor. I finished my first video and it felt great. But I could not do all the moves and I wanted to know what could do instead so I don’t hurt myself. Also, should I repeat a video several times before going on to the next or can I do the whole series one after another?
Ann I would also like someone to point me to some classes suitable for overweight people. The first one I tried was basically yoga, childs pose and downward dog - the two worst things when you have a huge belly! 
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Caroline Ann   I’m not an instructor so this is just my personal opinion.  I’ve been a member for almost 4 years and definitely don’t have a Pilates instructor body.  I’m also in my 50s.  I had the most  luck at the beginning with Alan Herdman’s prepilates classes, then on the Starter Series programs with Karen Sanzo.  I’ve progressed With Pilates Anytime to the point now that I can do intermediate to advanced classes.  Hope this is helpful to you.  

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