Two Days with Lolita (Blog)

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that was laugh out funny and very touching and poignant as well....good job writing all that. to put down so eloquently what was obviously a bit of an emotional rollar coaster took real skill and you deserve a pat on the back...or two. thanks.
I loved your article. Very well written and inspiring and I feel I got to know a little about you as well Kristi. I cant wait to come to California and meet all you out there as well. Inspiring.
Sounds like you had an incredible experience...thanks so much for sharing. I am looking forward to the filming and learning more.
A lovely accounting of your time with Lolita, Kristi! Some day in 2036 some bright eyed Pilates enthusiast will be doing the same for you
Thanks for giving us this sometimes very personal insights. I enjoyed every word. Looking forward to see the classes.

Regards, Reiner
Thank you so much for sharing it Kristy! You both are amazing!!!
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here. It was a challenge to convey the experience (what to include, what to leave out, etc...) so I really appreciate your comments. Where are all your profile pictures?!!! Thanks Reiner! Gil, Karen, and Glaucia, I know you're all beautiful, but I'd still like to see you!!!
Wow! I am starting to understand why your enthusiasm is so magnetic. Thanks for sharing one of your "pinch me moments". We all have a few of these experiences in our lives that we hang on to for inspiration. So smart of you to document the occasion.

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