I Love What I Do ~ Why am I So Tired? (Blog)

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Loved reading this Kristi, and thank you so much for sharing and with such honesty. I know I've felt "bone tired" so often the past few years myself and yet keep thinking I have to try harder to be super woman and figure it "all" out. Your wisdom is such a great reminder for us to take care of ourselves so we can continue taking care of others. Big hug and thank you for being such an inspiration! Next time we need a lunch date where you really do get to sit, relax and eat lunch - haha! I'll be coming to SB next month and will be in touch. All the best! Gina xo
Thank you Kristi! You are speaking the truth. I could not have said it better. Sometimes all we need is empathy and someone that understands how exhausting it is to "do what you love."
Stay well,
Joanna --Pilates instructor, Berkeley,CA
I have, and maybe remain, in the mode that I go-go-go until I get sick. Sickness being the only legitimate excuse to rest in my mind. I suppose part of it is being so focused on your goals that you think you have to spend every minute of every day working on that goal until it's achieved. Not very healthy thinking, but I'm guilty of it.
So well put Kristi~ I too know what it is like to be possessed so much by what and whom I love, that I neglect the rest so essential to health and life and love and balance. I'll take this reminder to heart, and practice the rest
Wow thank you for sharing this! Thank you for your inspiration and your honesty. You expressed what I have been feeling but couldn't put it into words. Thanks!
Wonderful words !!
Kristi, happy for you taking break and just putting it out there....very courageous! I hope you are well! Thinking of you and sending you lots of white healing light & love! D
Thank you to all of you for sharing your input here. Loving our lives, what we do and who we do it with, does not mean we are lucky. It means we are utilizing the gifts that we have been given. To rest and play along the way just let's us appreciate those gifts all the more... (I learned that from your classes Gil ).
Eloquently expressed. Thanks for inspiring us!
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