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Thank you Amy! It's lovely to see and hear where your inspiration comes from.

This was my absolute pleasure Kristi! :)
What a great tribute to Pat! With just the short time I spent with her, I look forward to more. Thanks Amy for nudging me on this rainy morning when my body feels crabby to go and jump on the spine corrector!
Hi Susan........glad you were nudged this morning :) When in doubt.....get the body moving a little bit wouldn't you say?! :)
Thanks Amy! I'm a fairly new instructor, and get so frustrated when I realize how much more I need to work on and my mentors call me out (always in a kind way). I tend to be hardest on myself. Reading your post made me realize once again that there will always be more to learn as we strive for perfection in the practice. Thanks again. Also, I would love to see a Spine corrector class on Pilates anytime. I'm sure our studio is not using them to their fullest potential. Do you ever do Spine Corrector workshops?
hi Kathy ~ we do have a couple of spine corrector classes, though I see that we need to add the option to our apparti list. Thanks for highlighting for us.

Here is a link to Amy'sSpine Corrector/ Step Barrel Class
Hi Kathy....thank you for reading my blog! I think all teachers/students are hard on themselves....why, I'm not sure. I think we're seeking approval but also we want to do everything right! But if we all continue to remind ourselves that each time we take a class, perform a movement -- whatever it is-- we are doing it right, because....simply, we're doing it!! I continue to strive for more and ask more of myself, but I'm going a little easier these days. I keep going back to Joe's quote of "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that seems to help me. I tell clients this all the time!

Did you see my Spine Corrector class here on the site? Meredith Rogers has one up too, which is also wonderful! Enjoy them both and we'll get more up soon.
Kathy, I forgot to address your last question of whether or not I do Spine Corrector workshops. Yes I do and would be interested in talking to you more about this if you'd like. Let me know!

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