Moving With An Open Mind (Blog)

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Thank you so much Meredith! I agree with you 100% and would say it myself if only I could say it so well! xo
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Breath, movement, and gentle introspection. Trifecta!
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Meredith I have loved and learned from your classes on Pilates Anytime ! I am grateful to you and Benjamin for providing us with this opportunity to learn the connections between the exercises ( and for free- Thank you Benjamin and PA) I am not classically trained but intuitively felt the connections but Benjamin explains it so well! thank you for this reflection !
This blog is the cherry on top of a wonderful experience. Our joint exploration of the work has taught me so much as well including the gift of freedom of movement and perspective, indeed!!!
Thank you all for taking time to read about my experience and to Benjamin Degenhardt and PA for creating the space for this conversation. I'm so grateful.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Love you and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

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