21 Things You Never Knew About Me: Kristi Cooper (Blog)

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Thank you for sharing yourself, for your beautiful heart and transparency, Kristi!
love you even more!
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I’ve only quite recently discovered Pilatesanytime & was delighted to find some of yr classes. Having used many of yr YouTube stuff in the past. I love the way you explain so clearly how yr feeling, hence how we should be feeling whilst doing different moves etc and give us different ways of thinking etc and speaking to us not at us (I’m sure yi know what I mean;) 😘
Only now seeing that you are the co-founder of PA !!😁So I’d also like to Thank you SO much as your making my classes the busiest they’ve EVER been (in 23yrs:) as I’m giving something more every time to every different Pilates class I have and also enjoying teaching even more🤗 Thank you Thank you Thank you 😘
Samantha You are so welcome! Thank you for your feedback too! 

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