How to Open a Pilates Studio in Your Home (Blog)

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I love teaching Pilates from home. If the kids need to be home from school (sick or studying for an exam) they can stay home and I am just downstairs. No need to organise a safe place for them to stay at great cost etc. Yes downside your home needs to be spotless all the time...but is that such a bad thing? I attend regular mat classes and workshops with my BASI colleagues here in Cape Town to keep in touch and learn as much as possible. Regular workout sessions with the myriad exciting classes on Pilates Anytime keeps me strong and enthusiastic always :) I would say "Go for it!"
I absolutely love teaching in my whimsical, little treehouse studio which I call Playforever Pilates! I can easily schedule private and semi-private sessions around my other classes elsewhere, so that I can take extra time to devote to my special needs clients!
Most of my people have moderate to severe physical limitations, and they really enjoy the extra privacy too!

I’ve had my own home studio for the past five years and have grown from one to four reformers and from 4 to 35 clients.  I teach only while the kids are at school 9-2p and have maxed out my time and space.  I’m trying to decide between opening a studio or adding onto my house for a bigger space and one that would be separate, as my current space is directly off my kitchen.   

My concern is now that’s I’ve gotten so big am I legally allowed to teach in my house?  I know piano teachers and hair stylists run their businesses out of the home but before I invest in an addition I want to make sure someone can’t come in and tell me I’m not zoned right for a pilates studio.  Any help would be appreciated.  
I have recently relocated my studio to my house (downsized from a commercial space). We are lucky to have a walk out basement and complete privacy due to a stunning backyard. I kept 2 reformers and 2 chairs plus barrels and all the props I need. There are some wonderful posts here about growing the client base. I am still new to having an in home studio so I’m wondering how or what are the best ways to get the word out? I would assume it would be a different approach from commercial which was pretty difficult in itself. I had 3 clients that I gained from Nextdoor app. 2 currently are taking some time off (which as we know means they may not return). I have one very consistent client. She recent left a review as well on Nextdoor. 
I would love to get a lot busier as I absolutely
Love teaching!!! Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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