27 Things You Never Knew About Me with Meredith Rogers (Blog)

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I love this poem, still.
Happy Birthday, Meredith! Your poetry, like your teaching, is smooth, deep and strong. Thanks for sharing your gifts. -Viki Mills Ronchetti
Happy Birthday, Dear Meredith, looking forward to seeing you in Germany! Where can I find your on the road schedule? Thank you for so many lovely Hours with your fun, dedicated and well grounded pilates lessons. And what a nice Open Interview! We are quite similar in many regards have a Great new year, Heike, Germany
It was such a joy to meet and learn from you in Dubai- I’m so grateful I had the opportunity! I hope your birthday is full of love and radiance!
I have another book to add to the list now. I love Mary Oliver and Stand By Me. Excellent choices! I'll seek out the Zafon book, for sure. Can't wait for the next Q & A.

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