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This is a wonderful and well written article. Time after time I see clients lives transformed both physically as well as emotionally through the  benefits of a consistent pilates practice .

Mental health is here to stay.  I believe we are on the cusp of realizing that movement can be a critical part of  
an overall plan in healing. Pilates fits the bill as it is not a mindless movement but rather a mindful one. It requires full concentration with no room for the one hour of practice to get lost in whatever angsts are consuming us. This in itself is a relief for the time we have on the mat or apparatus. The mindful aspect along with increased blood flow , less aches and pains , clothes that fit better , a sense of community , deep breathing and the joy of learning a new art can be nothing by positive.

All of the above combined with an empathetic, inspirational, heartfelt teacher can be the first step in a mental health care plan. 

Ahhhhh the magic of Pilates never ceases  to amaze me :)

Blessings ,  Deborah 

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So true!
@Deborah Wasko, well stated! ;)

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