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Thank you SOOO much for sharing your experience Kathi! 
My first and only session with my husband lasted 15 minutes maybe....So there is hope=-)
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Thank you, Kathy! I remember meeting you in Allendale years ago. You met my man who was watching.  The story you describe about your husband  is so similar to ours, but we are not at the level yet when he finally realizes that he needs Pilates. He was mentioning recently, that maybe he should start doing it with me. Maybe it will happen one day.  Have a wonderful day! Natallia
Anna and Natallia! Please keep me posted! maybe watch the interview together - hearing Wayne words may help!
This is really inspiring! Thank you for your open and honest account of your experiences. I really want to help my partner counterbalance his pain and imbalances, but it is difficult to convince him (despite the fact he thinks I'm brilliant when I'm working with my clients), that I really SEE some concerning issues with his habitual movement and postural patterning.
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Hi, Kathryn.  What a great story.  I just found the Pilates Anytime app, downloaded it, and started doing your mat classes this week.  I did Pilates about 10 years ago and decided now was a great time to revisit it and get back in shape.  Your detailed instructions are so very helpful to me.  I did your Foundational Mat 1 video last night, and I swear I can feel every muscle in my back and my core today (in a good way).  I'm going to progress through your videos over the next 10 weeks and see where it takes me.  I'm grateful to have found this resource.  Thank you for what you do!
Congratulations!  You are a beautiful person and you make a beautiful couple.  I too have enjoyed sharing Pilates with my husband.  I value his perspective when it comes to how a male would process/interpret my sessions.  Let's just say her doesn't hold back with his insight.  We enjoy going into my studio a few times a month.  We work out simultaneously with him listening to my cues.  Thank you for sharing.  Be well.  
Loved this!
Beautiful article, I teared up at the end.

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