COVID-19 CASE STUDY: Pivoting to Outdoor Classes (Blog)

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I teach pilates classes in Belgium. For many years now, I teach classes outside during the summer. People always look forward to that! Since covid, I've taken my clients outside in the summer and in the winter, even in the snow :). Since march we have every week 8 zoomclasses. Everybody is enthousiastic but it doesn't compare to a live class. But it's the best replacement. Nobody is fan of nothing but zoomclasses but we've found the advantages. So since september, I introduced once a week zoomclasses beside the live classes. This will be continued after covid. I'm even thinking of giving mixed classes. In the studio with live students and at the same time, people can follow at home with zoom. Although I have spend a lot of time stimulating students to follow the online classes, some clients I couldn't convience. Hopefully, they will come back when live classes are allowed again. My studio stayed very alive during covid but I can't say it has grown. BUT still alive & kickingĀ 

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