with Kira Lamb (Beginner)

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I cannot wait to begin Kira's challenge! 
Can’t wait! 🙌🏻
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I am looking forward to the workouts:)
So excited to take this challenge with Kira!!! 
I'm with everyone. I can't wait! 
Just finished day 2 and am even getting hubby to do it with me! I feel centered when I am connecting with nature.
I did it! I completed the entire 10-day challenge! Due to a shoulder injury, I had to take an occasional rest day. But I was persistent and completed the work. I especially liked the mantra and journal prompts with each class. I used them to help navigate the difficulty of healing from my injury. Kira is a gifted teacher! I look forward to taking her other classes. Yes! I AM RESILIENT!!!
Great challenge ! You are the best at explaining every move. Thank you !

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