Mat for Scoliosis
Kathy Corey
Class 707

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Love love love you!what a wonderful class and how much I learned about scoliosis... Thank you!
I continue to teach Pilates for Scoliosis around the world and am so happy that it is helpful. The source of the class comes from the Master Teachers who were taught by Joseph Pilates and helped me with my scoliosis 40 years ago!
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an oldie, but a goodie. looking forward to trying this out with my mat class. clear cues and instructions with some great knowledge thrown in. thanks very much.
What about scoliosis and osteoporosis- shouldn’t I not be doing any flexion with my older client? Thanks
I feel shocked. This class was such a she opener on how my body works. It could be life changing. .(I hope so).  I feel good and looking forward for tomorrow's class. Thank you so much. 
Omg this class was like a restart for my crocker body, my brain got exhausted of the changes and symmetry. Was amazing and my bones specially of my hips were cracking, in a good way, aligning. Also I was to say that I laugh a lot when I did rolling like a ball, my right crocked side always takes me the left and I end up going around the mat as you Kathy, I was impressed and shocked of the difference but once I cross over my left leg omg I was in the center already, was so interesting and eye opening this class I loved it so much. The feet together (butterfly legs) and reaching one arm forward several times was healing for me in so many ways, inhaling took further that I thought I didn't realize if inhaling or exhaling will make a difference. Thank you so much for changing my body, my awareness and loving my Crocked body. Bless and light 
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Thanks for the comments.  Having scoliosis and teaching Pilates for over 40 years, it has really helped me!
Thanks Kathy. I found that really useful. I myself have a 30* midthoracic scoliosis. While regular Pilates has given me more stability, I have never done Pilates specially for scoliosis. I will do these exercises regularly as part of my routine to see if it helps some of my lower back/pelvis issues as it feels better after this. Thanks again.
Thanks so much.  Please let me know how things are going!
really I enjoy this and find it very useful for my learning , thanksssss !!!!!!
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