Back Care Workshop
Brent Anderson
Workshop 645

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Patricia ~ I have updated your account so you should be able to take the quiz now. If you have any trouble, please email us at
Still won't come up . What do I need to do to retrieve the quiz?
Patricia ~ I looked at your account and saw the quiz. You should see it underneath the video when you go back to the main page for this workshop. Underneath the description, you will see a button with the quiz and certificate information. Make sure you are using the site through a browser rather than the app to view the quiz. If you have any trouble, please email us at
Ive just start watching this workshop and i want to know if we have Transcript only for first chapter. Right?
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Maryam ~ Thank you for letting us know that the transcripts are only showing the first chapter. I have passed this on to our technical team and we hope to have the full transcript up soon.
Thank you Gia Calhoun for following up this issue. It would be super helpful. 
That was a fab workshop Brent Anderson . i have disc problem in my L4-L5 and i felt every word came from your mouth. Although It took a few days for me to finish it because i didnt know about some technical words, but i learn  a lot not only about back pain, but about anatomy which is supper helpful for me and in my teaching client to move consciously. Thank you again from Bangkok.       
Hi Maryam, thank you for you kind words.  Glad you enjoyed and hope to meet you at a Polestar event or on Pilates Anytime in the future.
Maryam ~ We've fixed the transcripts and they are now showing for all of the chapters. I hope this helps!
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