Combo Chair Extravaganza<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 866

Combo Chair Extravaganza
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 866

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Thank You Rachel. I created this class in 2012. Please also enjoy  #2101 from 2015 and # 2945 from 2017. Happy New Year in just a few days. Very best wishes for a healthy, joyful 2021!
Rachel, oops I forgot to mention a third Chair class,  # 3339 from 2018.
Thanks Elizabeth, I'll definitely check these classes out,  wishing you a happy and healthy 2021! 🙌😊
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This was so healing for my hip - I’m having trouble and pain in the center of my right butt I think maybe it’s a disc issue or a lateral hip weakness- anyhow all these moves really have me some awesome feedback into what the heck is happening in there!!!! The cross over press adding the heel lifting was an ah ha moment helping me heal myself thank you! Also that amazing extension work where we rotate like swimming but rotate neck to contra lateral side I felt something healing in the sternocleidomastoid- so good! So needed! TY!   
So glad  this class was healing! Please practice my other 2 chair classes- even better💜
Lily E
Great class Elizabeth!  I watched your old videos--- I think from Balanced Body and was happy to reunite with you here!  You are aging gracefully & and inspiration to all of us getting older with you .  Namaste!
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I keep coming back to this and picking up new things thank you!
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Thank you Elizabeth, so nice I did it twice! 
Love it! Thanks for keeping the work so deep and interesting Elizabeth. Fun fact, I am a tightrope walker.... but my Cirque du Soleil audition was years ago.
A pleasure to meet you Beth! So admire your tightrope skills and Cirque du Soleil career. Please visit my other Chair classes. The one you commented on is ten years old from 2012!
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