Power TRIADBALL™<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 850

Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 850

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these guys are amazing -great work outs
Fantastic use of the ball throughout a wonderfully, brisk, classical mat workout. Great sense of humor. I am doing this one tomorrow too!
Awesome class, thank you!
You guys are terrific FUN FUN!! ..... Yah feeling tip top!
Going to be a good day. :)
wow, i absolutely LOVED THIS!!! may even do it again later! thanks so much!!!
So much fun!
What a variety! imagination & spirit above around and with the ball! inspirational!
Proof that even though Pilates is hard work, it can be fun! Thank you for such a fun class. It made my day!
I enjoyed this class! Thanks!
Fantastic energetic class - grat transitions! Thank you
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