Strong and Long Flow<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 990

Strong and Long Flow
Erika Quest
Class 990

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Erika Quest
Thank you Jessica and Julie! Glad you enjoyed this class. Next time I film I'll definitely be doing more mixed equipment and also probably another mat class (maybe with some circuits).
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I just LOVED this class. Every second of it. The wrist movements, the plank on the chair with rotation, the glute and arm work on the box, the waist work, everything ! I'm amazed at the amount of work and creativity you can fit in 40 minutes ! THANKS :))
Erika Quest
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Awwww, thanks Anne! I loved teaching this and do a lot of the wrist work with my clients in the studio. SO good for carpel tunnel and mobility. Appreciate you watching!
Erika, i love your classes. They always give me new ideas and... this one was challenging! Thanks!
Erika Quest
Many, many thanks Avishag!!! Glad you enjoy and thanks for watching! Much love!
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Great class, loved the work with pole in the straps on the reformer and the breaking down/variations of the full pike and side pike in the Wanda chair.thank you!
Erika Quest
Thanks so very much, Marta! I'm glad you enjoyed! Much love, Erika
Sara Ellis-Owen
Another great class Erika thank you so much- I particularly enjoyed the footwork on the chair as it is often hard to mix this up a little (aside from using hand weights). A quick question if I may regarding scoliosis? Would you still do an equal amount of side flexion on the short box or would you tend to do more on the weaker side? Portia doesn’t seem to have any weakness at all- a great muse 👍
Erika Quest
Hey Sara SO nice to hear from you and thanks for taking class and commenting! On your scoliosis question, I think I might add more to the weaker side, but only if that was what I was trying to bring back into symmetry for that person. It can be a fine balance, as I have a client who is 70+ and has quite severe scoliosis, but is in ZERO pain, so we constantly communicate about that and other activities of daily life to see where we need to focus. I would encourage you to do the same with yourself / client(s) and if they seem to need to add strength in that area to help with better efficiency of movement, go for it! Much love, Erika
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