Mat Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1084

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Simply wonderful. Building on each excercise in a comprehensive way . Can I ask how to adapt arm position when in side lying with someone with a very restricted and painful shoulder other than bending the arm???
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Hi Sharon,
For someone with a painful shoulder, try sliding it forward out from under them. This way the shoulder won't be compressed from the body weight. Place a pillow under their head to align the neck and have the arm straight forward at shoulder level. I hope you find this helpful.
Thank you for the feedback and all the best,
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Many thanks for your very prompt reply. Hope to see lots more from you
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thank you very much Tom ...I will follow your classes...
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Great class! Simple but goes deep into all those muscles and makes you feel the stability
Thank you Cigdem and Caitlin!
Happy to hear you're enjoying my approach and getting the benefit of Pilates Anytime. Sending you good vibes!
Another great "older" class. Lots of good info while you teach. I love your teaching voice too. Honestly Tom sometimes I have to mute some teachers because their voices are so unpleasant and they talk too much, its unnecessary. Thank you. I will continue to find these gems!
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Thank you Denee! Happy to hear you appreciate my "NUF" approach  to teaching. Necessary, Useful and Fun!  Warm regards,
Thank you. Much needed. 
Brilliant as usual. Doesn't matter how many times you watch always learn something . 
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