Standing Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 1122

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great class.
Love standing pilates! A teacher in Sydney used to give us these classes. Thank you so much for an amazing class!

Love the workout! Great balance challenge. Enjoyed the piriformis stretch on the foam roller. Also felt like the front foot on foam roller in lunge/warrior position seems like great prep or practice for Front Splits, Russian Splits on the reformer.
Really great workout! Thank you!
Wow. Good leg workout, I have been looking for one just like this. Thanks
Working up a sweat in 30 minutes is a challenge, but somehow you've managed to do that in the first few minutes! The theme of balance is spot on. Twisting and using the side dimensions really threw me off balance in a way that challenged my core. I really felt the glutes with many of the exercises, especially the bent-leg side lifts. I saved this routine as a morning wake up ("shake up").

Thanks Tasha! I will definitely look for your other videos! Good work.
Great workout. Nice to see participants showing options but prefer when they are staggered in video shot.
Tash Barnard , thank you a lot for this class!" Balance workout "- it's a trainee's wish for the next mat class.
I loved how my stomach deep muscles worked.
Loved this quick workout. Had only a bit of time between patients and this was a perfect little sequence :)
Next time my legs tell me they are in great shape, and i will take this class again and prove to them that there is always room for improvement! Thank you Tash:) 
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