Fletcher Towel Work®
Kyria Sabin
Class 1192

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Hi [Kyria Sabin Waugaman] beautiful workout very helpful 🙏
Excellent class, I was need it. Thanks very much. Greetings from Málaga.
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so helpful! great video! need more!
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What a great class! I feel more open and taller already 😉😂❤️
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Still do this class at less once a fortnight, can we have some more towel classes please 😊😊
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Super Class! Love Towel Work:) 
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I LOVE this video - always been my 'go-to' video when my neck & upper back feel out of line, bad posture  or need to relax for working at drafting board all day!! 
This was wonderful for my wonky shoulder blade, thank you so much! For those of you who are interested in trying this work but don't own the prop, I made my own Fletcher towel from a YouTube tutorial and it works fine.
Thank you so much.  breath is easier.
Great Class! Thanks again Kyria:) 
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