Jump Board Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1557

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Really enjoyed this, thank you Amy!
Glad you enjoyed it Francesca !!
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Love this class.  I have super short/tight calf muscles and can't come close to getting my heels on the board though--any suggested modifications?
Great class and great cueing! Thanks Amy for the sweat and making me feel alive during our Melbourne lockdown xxx
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Hi MARTI  -- great question !  I would focus less on the jump and more on the landing so to gain more mobility in your ankle joints and lengthening your calves.  The jump probably comes easy for you right?  Focus on what's not as easy, that's where the improvement usually comes from!  Val Nachtigal , so glad you took class!!  Thank you for joining me!
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Amy! I love that—no matter the theme or focus of the class—you continue to educate us on the true basics. It makes every class of yours so worthwhile! At the same time, you keep my mind active and connected with your cueing, such a great class!!!
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Clare W ... thank you!!  This comment has made my day!
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Excellent class. Will be doing again and again!! Thank you!
Happy you enjoyed this class Renae K !
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