Wunda Chair Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1648

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Short, challenging and fun! Thank you!
Appreciate your feedback Natalia, thank you!
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Wow, just loved this! Can't do it all yet, but it will be my challenge workout. I love that you incorporated weights so I could get it all done and, at least for me, this was aerobic also. Another great one going into my go to list!

Thanks Lisa!
Lori, so great to hear, thanks so much! Happy you'll be joining me again for this class...it was tough for me too! 🙏🏻
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always love your classes! xx
Thank you Sayshie ! Happy that you joined me for class & to hear you enjoyed it. 🙏💛
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Loved it! Lisa you are amazing as always.Wish you had more chair exercises here💕
Yarden thank you for your kind praises! I am highly honored. Thank you for taking class with me and I hope you come back again 💛
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Great, challenging class! ugh...need to do it again and again!
Courtney hi! Thank you for taking class with me!  So happy to know that you have a Chair to work with to stay well and strong! Xx
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