Integral Anatomy Intensive
Gil Hedley
Workshop 1711

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HI Diane Hennigan ,
I agree with you, this "Workshop" has more CEC worthy content in it than most could get in any anatomy or teaching related workshop.  That said, neither Pilates Anytime or Somanautics Workshops( Gil Hedley ) offer CEC's for  ACE personal training at this time.  What I know others have done is to have this, and other content count towards CEC's is to petition the organization itself.  If we can help with providing a specific person reviewing your case, please let us know.  Meanwhile stay tuned for more of Gil's work coming soon! 
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I love love love this workshop! Thank you, Gil. This is exactly what i needed. Gil Hedley am i right to think that working on fascia would assist with lymphatic blockages and flow? 
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Hi Kristina! I like to think of the superficial fascia as a "lymphoid" organ. Freedom in the subcutaneous adipose will indeed facilitate lymphatic flow, thus the emphasis on light directional touch on the part of the lymphodema drainage specialists. Also perifascia, as discussed in the What's the Fuzz?! workshop also hosted here on Pilates Anytime, is intimately related to the flow of lymph. I would say not so much as regards deep fibrous two cents! I appreciate your interest!
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