Reformer Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1796

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I just did this class again! I love the standing pilates portion too! Thank you Diane. Hope to see you back soon!
Thank you Denee for both of your kind compliments. So glad you enjoyed the class! I hope to return soon to PA for more!
Loved this! Please may we have more!!
Love the flow of the class and how extra modifications were added to tailer to the needs of the dancer!
As a dancer, it's clear that working on the Reformer really exposes the balance of turnout between the left and the right sides. In the fondue exercise at the barre, it can become easy to sacrifice the standing leg turnout to cheat the working leg turnout. On the Reformer, however, you are able to clearly see both legs and manage equal turnout, which really forces us to remember that both legs are truly working legs.
I really enjoyed this workout and the variations that were specific for a dancer's needs. All the arm work in port de bras, the "straddle" work (and the story that accompanied it), and all the foot plate work were so beautiful and fluid! I can't wait to try some of these exercises. 
Such a great class! I appreciated the fluidity of the entire workout and how well it was spoken. It was also so nice to have dance related tips!
This class was beautifully explained and shown! Each movement was intentional and had a clear purpose behind it, just like in dance. It was easy to connect certain exercises like the port de bras as movement stemming from my abdominals and back that I can transfer to center work in dance class.
Thank you Diane for all the incredible cues and details. Loved getting to see a variation of Coordination in turnout with beats and loved getting to see all the possibilities with the foot plate!
Thank you Diane for a fantastic class! I really enjoyed the variations for dancers, especially with the leg and footwork. It's great to see how these exercises can easily transfer into our everyday practice in the dance studios! 
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