Standing Workout
Diane Severino
Class 1862

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Lovely workout. Only a true master could make my bod crave this workout. I love the fluidiry and graceful movement. Beautiful movement
Lovely class lead by a master. Walking straighter already. Thanks Diane
I love your classes Diane! :)
I adore you. This is the first time I have taken your video class. You are so easy to understand and hilarious.
Thank you! I, a former dancer, woke up feeling middle aged, and this stretched out the aches and put the spark back in me.
Wonderful class! My body is thanking you -- and I would send you roses if I could! :D
Thank you for amazing class👏🙏
Chatty workout, I really enjoy it!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Thank you Diane. And yes, I am definitely going to "steal "much of this for my own students straight away - with full credit to you, of course!
Thank u...that was so knowledgeable about my own body and da fingers and toes !!! Wow
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