Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1894

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So good! 
Rael, I took your class whilst on vacation. I didn’t take in my suitcase a theraband but I had a black resistance pull up band. Wow .. you need to try it. This is another level of pain and pleasure. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Alex, thank you for the advice. I will definitely try it!
The workout is nice but the instructor is really remiss in ques. Sometimes it is necessary to pause the video to look at the position. I prefer instructors that que so that i do not have to strain to look at the video and can complete the workout by listening.
Inspirational class, thanks Rael!
Fantastic class! The pushups with the band around your back- wow! Had not done that before and it was challenging! Thank you!
Thank you Marissa, I am happy you enjoyed it, particularly those push-ups :)!
I really appreciate this class, as someone who is a little limited in shoulder flexion and deals with some upper back issues from time to time. The band and exercise selection really made the movements more fluid and now my upper back has extended a peace treaty to me :) The pushups and plank work got very intense too, so a great well-rounded workout!
Thank you always for your support, Ivan. I love the fact that your practice is clearly a part of your life. It has been a part of my life for over 40 years and it has allowed me to continue being active in every aspect of life. Keep up the great work.
Rael Isacowitz Thank you! Your lifetime dedication to Pilates is something that definitely inspires me and I'm sure so many others as well
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