Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1895

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BOOM! Just completed this challenging class - just what I needed to get me going today! I really enjoy the flowing movements and the emphasis on smooth transitions from one exercise to the next. The sidekick kneeling and side plank sequence was the highlight for me. Bottom leg lifts out of the side plank? WOW!
Thanks Ivan! Yep, this workout is a toughy! Keep up the great work. 
Tough but very enjoyable. Working on my teasers!!
Naomi, good luck with your teasers:)! Keep up the great work!
Wow! Great class! Had some more time this morning to do an hour class and so glad I did.  Great way to start the day- thank you, Rael!
Marissa, thank you for starting your day with me! Make it a great day:)
When I need a great class I search for you or Ed!  Thank you
Thank you, Ash. Ed and I indeed share a lot (even bald heads:) Great guy!
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Nice class.  I like that you were tired from it, too!!
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