Refining Pilates<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Workshop 2171

Refining Pilates
Ruth Alpert
Workshop 2171

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Thanks for your comments Francisca! Yes, it's a concept that can apply to any movement, on or off equipment.

Not sure if I understand your question about buying it... I don't think Pilates Anytime sells these films separately from this site. You could go to the "contacts" section under "Who We Are" which is under "More" at the top and ask there.
Gracias Ruth, Thanks for your answer. I meant to by the equipments, (the bed or table you used) Where? if you know.
I enjoy and love your training, I will buy the course but I do not have the bed.
Francisca ~ We purchased most of our equipment from Balanced Body. I hope this helps!
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That was just wonderful and so informative. Thank you so much. ????
Thanks Natalie, glad it was helpful.
We just filmed another tutorial this past May, should be up online in a few months....
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Hi Ruth - really enjoyed this tutorial. One of my first teachers had a do good version, bad version. It is so helpful. Thank you
Thanks Theresa, glad you got something from it.
Valya Karcher
Thank you Ruth! The information in this workshop is perfect for my clients.
Zeren Joy
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thank you!
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