Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2246

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This was just what I needed today, everything in my body challenged especially abs, and sides! I loved the exercise with the kneeling and side leg kicks. The variety of exercises made the work fun. Your teaching was great, to the point and easy to follow - even when I did sweat. The best thing I have done in the last few days, having sat at my desk to finish a job! I am back again Many Thanks!!!
I love this class, one of my very favorites!
OMG. This class was amazing. I will be feeling it tomorrow! I worked hard and broke a sweat. My hips are screaming at me, but in a good way ☺️ Thank you [Tracey Mallett]
Added to my favorites!! Great way to end my day! Thank you!!
Wow! Great class. my legs were shaking at the end!
as always, tracey's classes are the best!
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