Rotation from the Hips
Diane Diefenderfer
Tutorial 2277

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I appreciated the importance of cueing, and how the use of different words can greatly affect the action you are trying to achieve. The words grip, squeeze, or clench when talking about engaging the glutes can promote tucking of the pelvis, but cues such as firing and engaging are more effective while teaching. 
I really liked the visual of the difference in the ticked pelvis and the arched pelvis in comparison to the neutral pelvis. We also tend to forget about the feet so to also talk about where the feet are placed along with good cues to give to promote good movement.
I really liked your blue leggings. Also, I appreciated the differences in verbal cues, such as the difference in using the word engage instead of clench or squeeze.
I really liked the cues about the inner thighs. I really also like the conversation at the beginning about different legs. Some people are more bowed while others are knocked kneed. I really feel like being able to remind people that everyone has different legs and that it is out of our control. IT all just takes different focus because each body is different and has its own "strengths" and "weaknesses"
I loved how you described  external rotation and explained how to maintain a neutral pelvis and correct alignment of the legs while in a turned out position. 
This was a great tutorial in further explaining rotation from the hips. Great things to keep in mind, but also nice cues and exercises to give to dancers or to those who need help finding that position. 
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  So helpful.  As a one instructor studio owner it is so nice to find tutorials to refresh my practice for my own practice as well as my clients.  Really enjoying this series.  Be well.  
Thank you!
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