Radical Reformer
Courtney Miller
Workshop 2451

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I purchased this workshop more than a month ago, how can i do to get the manual or the pdf?
Could plz help me with that?
Thanks in advance.
Perla ~ The pdf is listed at the bottom of the description for the workshop once it has been purchased. I hope you enjoy this workshop!
Love it just did the first chapter hww long do I have to do all the chapters?
Tina ~ We're glad to hear that you are enjoying this workshop. You will always have access to it even if you cancel your account. You can watch it as many times as you like.
Can't find the pdf attachment?
Jane ~ Once you have purchased the workshop, the pdf will be in a link below the description. I hope you enjoy this workshop!
Thanks but I have purchased it will check affinity
spettacolare come al solito!!! ottime idee ... grazie mille spero ne farai altri di workshop on line!!!!!
i am interested in this workshop do we get access to the notes when we purchase?Thank you
How do I down load the manual?
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