Recovery from Sports<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2631

Recovery from Sports
Ed Botha
Class 2631

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what a gem, thank you. I had to pause to repeat some of the stretches because they felt so good
Thanks for the recovery class! Just what i needed after a half marathon!
Great class, trying to recover my injured psoas, so difficult to rotate on one side, it gets better but still afraid when it is painful though there is no risk 🤔 Thank you
Loving this one all over again!
Lisa V
So helpful -- thank you!
amazings stretches, especially the arms crossed scapular abduction one!
Perfect recovery after a long run yesterday thanks Ed
ridiculously good! thank you so much!
Thank you Ed!
Exactly what I’ve been looking for: pilates for cycling recovery. Great class, thanks Ed!
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