Thoracic Spine Movement<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2824

Thoracic Spine Movement
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2824

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Thank you Cynthia & Dagmar! I’m happy to share and offer inspiration of our amazing bodies!!😊🙏
Hi Tom
I really enjoy your classes on Pilates Anytime and I have done so many I cant remember the class where you mentioned the book' What the Foot'. Anyway I have been reading it am about 1/4 of the way through and find it quite fascinating. I wonder do you recommend doing the AIMS course as I was considering it?
Many thanks Rachel
Thank you Tom, this is such important information. I have several clients with back issues!
Thank you Rachel A & Jennifer M for your inspiring feedback!
Rachel I do recommend the AIM course. It can also be useful to begin with one of the shorter online courses, get to know your body program is one example offered by them, you'll get more from the full course if you spend time with understanding the concepts and principles. I use it every day and integrate it in to my teaching and personal practice. All the best!
Hi Tom
Thanks very much for getting back to me that is a great help.
Thanks again for such great classes!!
Veronique A
Great information, thanks. This is the one part of my body which is very difficult to feel and move. I'll do it again!
Dear Veronique A,
Thank you for your feedback and yes, this is a harder area to feel and image. We’re much more “front loaded” with our senses along with modern living,(hand held devices, computers, driving etc..) using touch, imagery and understanding of the joint alignment in the upper back is really useful. Continue to practice and be patient with yourself as you feel into it. All the best to you!
Anastasiya S
Thanks a lot for such a tutorial. Besides the useful information this gives such a pleasure watching this :))
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Anastasiya S, Thank you for your feedback, you're very welcome!! I hope the combination of the information with the embodiment serve you well!
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